Who What Why and How

Pioneer Training and Education Consortium

The Pioneer Training and Education Consortium is a meeting point. Organizations/institutions/schools (ptec Alliances) with teacher training and education needs are looking for courses and services for their specific needs. And qualified educators (ptec Members) with experience in a variety of contexts around the globe are ready to meet those needs.

We train and educate teachers by providing relevant content in engaging ways in a safe environment where their experience and voices matter. Our courses, trainings, and practices are based on our beliefs about learning and teaching.  We believe in experiential learning, reflective practice, learner and learning centered teaching, communicative language learning methodologies, teaching peace, and the underlying goodness of humanity. We believe there is not a silver bullet, a formula, a standard that all must meet, but that each context is unique in its own right and while certain principles may apply it doesn’t mean that there is only one way to do things. We believe that teaching needs to be subordinate to the learner’s learning.

There are many ways to learn and being taught by a teacher in an institution is only one of them. Knowledge is everywhere, not just in the classroom—in textbooks and the teacher’s brain. In that case, our job as teachers is to facilitate the learner’s experience—to guide, to enhance, to make connections, to model how things are done; to create safe spaces for learning.

Why we are a Consortium

We are a consortium because we value working with others and see our strengths and ideas envisioned and realized in collaborations with other education and training providers; together with you, we are a consortium.