Reflective Practice at IGA’s National Teacher Conference, Guatemala

Hello from Guatemala! I have just had the privilege of presenting at the IGA National Teacher Conference in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. A very welcoming group, the teachers here are dedicated and enthusiastic practitioners. It has been delightful to meet them and to hear their stories. They are so eager to improve their teaching and to focus on student learning.

I had the final plenary. I was thinking, as teachers do about this situation…last day + last presentation = few attendees. To my delight and surprize, many teachers were there, participating in significant ways and feeling free to ask questions as I walked around. I found myself smiling and enjoying the time together. See IGA’s facebook page for conference photos. And be sure to Like them while you are there.

I ended the conference with a presentation on Reflective Practice by presenting  ‘keep it simple’ ways for practicing reflection. Two were focused on reflective practice as a teacher and two were focused on how we can move portfolios and checklists from a reporting of what has been done or can be done to reflective practice for our students. All four methods had a three-step process in common. I wanted the attendees (for some their first experience in reflecting) to be successful and have immediate results, and to that end, everyone shared a learning experience from the conference with a partner by answering the following questions: What? So what? Now what? “I’m tired”, one attendee told me, “but I am very excited to share!”

I want to once again express my warm appreciation to all of the IGA staff and students who made the conference a joy to be at, especially Rina de Góngora, Course Director, IGA.

This post was written by Tana.

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