Professional Development

I have opened a Pandora’s box: I have begun development of a Professional Development program. Not just a session, or a workshop series, but a program that teachers, academic coordinators, and site directors can use. I want it to be compelling as well as flexible; one that meets their needs. But I am conflicted. There are also basic best practices that I want our teachers to have at their command and background in project-based learning that has a focus on language learning accountability. I want all of our staff to be fluent with the experiential learning cycle and reflective practice.

That was a lot of “I wants” so I can see that I have a ways to go. That said, we—the committee and I— have started developing and evaluating a needs self-assessment. Working through the content, the process, and problematizing how an ‘assessment’ might be perceived by others on staff are already a big learning for me. So I am reminded of the other, of putting on the hat of those who will use the program. I confess it is a bit ill fitting. But there is nothing to do but wear it for awhile.

What comes next will be a discovery to be sure.


The main photo for this post is comes to us courtesy of Valerie Hayken at  Thank you.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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