ptec Members

ptec was founded by Zhenya Polosatova and Tana Ebaugh. Being a consortium means we work with others. These education professionals have joined us as members because they share ptec values and beliefs.

Founding Members

Zhenya Polosatova

Tana Ebaugh


Ron Bradley

Learning, owning new language, depends on the right balance between building from previously learned material, scaffolding new material and the appropriate step-by-step removal of the scaffold.


Michael Griffin

MATESOL, CELTA, World Learning/SIT Trainer


Philip Thompson

MA, CELTA, World Learning/SIT Trainer

Wilma Luth

MATESOL, World Learning/SIT Trainer

Josette LeBlanc



Kristina Eisenhower

MA  Second Language Acquisition

Larry Davies

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, M.A. in TESOL, B.A. in English

a teacher, trainer, senior administrator, country director, senior instructional technologist/designer, educational futurist

Dedicated my life to guiding institutions large and small to embrace the paradigm shift in education to meet the exponentially unknowable needs of the 21st century. Main research interests concern the use of technology in language learning and teaching (especially TESOL) and the challenges of teaching in the 21st Century.

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Mariana Palade Syrotiak


ESL Director, Gannon University, Erie, PA

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