Courses, Trainings, and Workshops

All ptec courses and workshops are contextualized. This means we take the time, both prior to the course and during the course, to make sure that content is accessible and relevant for teachers and students in your location. When requested, prior to the course, we accomplish this through pre-course tasks for the teachers, interviews, observation visits, and review of classroom texts and other relevant documents. During our courses and workshops we engage participants in their learning choices; we also modify the our procedures when needed based on the on-going feedback from the participants so that  course and workshop goals are met.


A modular TESOL course

This course is designed to be accessible to non-native English teachers starting at the A2 level (CEFR, Europass).  It is based on experiential learning, reflective practice and communicative methodologies.

The course is designed to be 120 to 180 hours, depending on the number of modules used, includes support at the level of trainer plans and materials. The basic course consists of Administrative documents and forms, an Orientation module, and a Learning/Teaching module.  Additional modules are: Productive skills, Receptive skills, Language Analysis, Co-teaching, Assessment, and Large-multilevel Classes. Additionally there is a collection of readings for both participants and trainers.

EFL for Teachers

This course is designed to address the language challenges that teachers have based on the textbooks and materials they are required to use in their classrooms. The rationale is that teachers will develop confidence in their knowledge of the content and their own language proficiency. It is a highly contextualized course and needs to be adapted for the particular group of teachers, which is based on pre-course application tasks and interviews and review of the texts and learning materials by course trainers. It is often combined with the Teacher Training for Elementary Teachers (see below).

This course focuses on grammar usage issues, pronunciation challenges, assessing and developing materials based on the texts in use by primarily wearing the learner hat and the use of the experiential learning cycle to reflect on course content.

Teacher Training for Elementary School Teachers

This course is specifically designed for elementary school teachers, and focuses on Young Learner and Literacy issues. Content areas include: lesson frameworks, teaching skills, fostering student engagement and development, and reflective practice. It is often combined with the EFL for Teachers (see above).



ptec member works with your senior teachers and academic leaders either one-on-one or as a group; the format can be online, face-to-face, or blended.  The major focus during the online part is developing and exploring awareness of the local challenges as well as developing the participants’ reflective skills, observation skills, solving day-to-day problems efficiently, long-term and short-term strategical planning. The major focus of the face-to-face stage, is in addition to the online skills, and includes communication and giving feedback skills, teamwork and leadership skills. Throughout the whole course the participants have emotional and intellectual support from the ptec member .


This course is designed for experienced teachers who are interested in training other teachers specifically using: the modular TESOL course, EFL for Teachers, and Teacher Training for Elementary Teachers. It consists of an on-line part and an on-course part, during which time a Trainer of Trainers is present and training on the course.


These workshops are interactive meetings with teachers of various levels and ranges of experience and they can include teachers who teach different subjects. We can accommodate various group sizes and modify the workshop length to meet your training and education needs. Combining a topics and teaching skills workshops is a nice option. We can always discuss which topics are in demand and the workshops can be created for your teachers.

Topic Workshops

Bigger picture topics include but are not limited to: Integrating the four skills, Reflection and Feedback, Culture in a language lesson, Learning and learner-centeredness, and the ‘WHY’ behind Teaching English in English: encouraging L2 in an EFL classroom.

Teaching Skills Workshops

Skill topics include but are not limited to: Creative use of available resources (More with Less); Scaffolding; Board work and Posters; Activities for Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing; and our “How to Teach” series for Songs, Pronunciation, using Blank Cards in class; and more. All you need to do is let us know what you want.

All ptec courses are owned by ptec co-founders unless otherwise indicated. These courses can be run at your organization/institution/school through a flexible and sliding scale licensing agreement.

Please Contact Us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.