Project Highlights

Below are projects that we are proud to have been a part of. Sometimes we were involved in all aspects from curriculum design and development through delivery of the course, sometimes only one aspect. Please refer to the code below.

C = curriculum design/development     M = materials design/development     D = delivery of the content

C M D  TESOL Course  Zhenya Polosatova and Tana Ebaugh

UCC Center in Daegu, South Korea is a teacher training organization that provides courses and programs for Korean teachers of English under the auspices of the Korean Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, KMEST. UCC Center has the honor of being the only non-university based teacher education provider for KMEST. In the fall of 2012 ptec developed and piloted a flexible TESOL course specifically to meet the needs of the Korean context, addressing both elementary and secondary teachers’ issues. This is a comprehensive stand-alone course complete with administrative documents, guiding principles, competency based assessment, pre-course assignments, and trainer level plans. The course was taught in January of 2013 at five sites in three different cities by 15 different licensed trainers to over 200 Korean elementary and secondary teachers to rave reviews from both the trainers and the teachers. It is now the backbone of the teacher training programs offered at UCC Center.

C M D Undergraduate Teacher Training Course and weekly seminars Tana Ebaugh

In 2010 the University of Michigan and the Ann Arbor Public school system started the Ann Arbor Language Partnership, A2LP, that involved university undergraduates teaching Spanish in the elementary schools. To support a project of this size there needed to be a Spanish curriculum, teacher training for the undergraduates, and a weekly support seminar for the undergraduate teachers. Content and delivery of the teacher training and support seminars were developed by Tana. With the success of the first year’s program for third grade, a fourth grade curriculum was developed.

C M D Teaching English as Additional Language to 6-8 year olds  Zhenya Polosatova

The 6 week online course was designed for Teacher Training Institute / World Learning SIT and took place in January – February 2012. Content and delivery of the language skills modules were developed by Zhenya. The course was for ESL / EFL teachers and educators working in Latin and Central America and Middle East. The program was focusing on how to assist learning for the students who are still in the process of learning reading, writing and many other skills in their home or first language and who are often not aware of the need to lean an additional language. The course nature was very reflective and was often asking the participants to communicate with the children in their area and to get to know ‘their world’ better. Among the questions that the course was aiming to answer the most important one was:How can English become their favorite subject now and in the future? According to the feedback from the course participants, this objective was achieved.

Teacher Education Consultant Mike Griffin and Micah Risher

The Teacher Education Consultant, TEC, course is a ten-month blended course with two face-to-face in the class room portions book ending an interactive online portion with assignments and posts, and a capstone with workshop presentations. It is run by UCC Center, Daegu, South Korea and is in its fourth year.

The participants are experienced Korean EFL teachers from Daegu and neighboring provinces; most of them have already taken a variety of teacher training (TESOL-style) courses, and are working on implementing the methods in their classroom.

The overarching objective of the course is to enable participants to help teachers in their schools in order to facilitate their students’ learning. The key skills or competencies developed are: reflection, observation and feedback skills, coaching skills, lesson planning assistance to new teachers, and planning and running a workshop session for colleagues. The course is highly contextualized and largely depends on the make-up of each year’s cohort: participants’ needs, their specific teaching context, and the roles they expect to play at work after completing the course. This means that the trainers delivering the face-to-face portion of course are creating the content as the course progresses. The extended online session provides the opportunity for participants to apply the knowledge and skills in their context and receive feedback from other participants and the course trainers.

This course was conceptualized and developed by Mike Griffin, and Micah Risher. It was further developed by Kevin Giddens and Justin Trullinger. It has been delivered by Mike, Micah, Kevin, Justin and Wilma Luth, Zhenya and Tana.

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