Voices of Trainers

The voices of trainers who have taught our TESOL course:

This curriculum is geared towards Korean students and teachers which is one of the things I like most about it. The Demo Lessons are suitable for our students’ level and interests . – Lynne Coetzer

I am very impressed to see how the curriculum is tailored made for the Korean context (the Co-teaching module, exploration/transfer sessions for example) and how the participants really benefit from this. – Hector Alvarado, TESOL Trainer

I witnessed a transformation in all the members of my group during Practice Teaching, and in the final check-in, it was clear that everyone had learned – to varying degrees of profundity. … Many thanks and thumbs up for an excellent course, put together in record-breaking time! – Helen Smith, TESOL Trainer

The [course] documents were very thorough – the language used enabled Ps with a lower level of English to give their input more easily. –  Philip ThompsonTESOL Trainer

 I wish to see this curriculum “grow” from now, and not just be stuck as “this is it” final product. – James Wu, TESOL instructor and trainer