Voices of Teachers

The voices of teachers who have taken our TESOL course:

The curriculum was tight, but it contained lots of constructive information for English teachers and had us open our mind to think in different ways, especially student-centered ways. — Kim, Jongbo

It made me realize what could be done in advance to deal with the problems I had. —Oh, Soonhee

You can improve your teaching after you complete this course. —Yang, Hyesook

The biggest change for me was ‘importance of sharing ideas, making plans, and delivering lessons through English.’ —Choi Gyoungsuk

I wanted to change myself as an English teacher and it worked. —Park, Kangwae

The Exploration sessions were, ‘Helpful. Using KWL makes me keep track of my progress of understanding of each skill. I can reflect how much I have changed. —Im, Donghwi

It’s ok to make this course two months. —Hwang, Byoung Ik